Sell house during divorce

Need to sell your property while going through a divorce in Charlotte? We understand how tiring the divorce process can be and having to deal with the stress of looking for a buyer for your house can make it a lot harder.

Well, at Bright Haven Properties, we have bought of properties from people in similar situations. Here are some tips we recommend for you in making the process as seamless as possible.

Figure Out What to Do With The House

First things first: agree on what to do with the house with all involved. Reaching an agreement before deciding to sell will help avoid litigation if one party is in disagreement with the decision.

Hire A House Stager

Usually, a divorce results in one or both people moving out of a property before it’s sold. The problem is that not having anything in the house makes it more difficult to sell. You might consider hiring a professional house stager to pretty things up. Staging can make a potential buyer see your house as a home and generate ideas of how it would feel if they buy and move.

Figure Out Who Is Paying Utilities

Unfortunately, a divorce requires a lot of time and energy. So before you get lost in the shuffle, make sure you know who is paying for utilities. We’ve seen houses go without utilities for months because each person thought the other person was paying the bills.

Split The Cost Of Repairs

If your house needs repairs, try to split the cost with your spouse. If that’s not possible or they are trying to make it difficult, give us a call and we’ll buy your property for cash, as-is.

Sell As-Is To A Professional Homebuyer

According to Zillow, the average house spends between 65 and 98 days on the market before selling (not counting the time it took to list the house). If you’d rather be done quickly with as little drama as possible, give us a call (we can close in as little as two weeks). As professional home buyers, we can buy your house as-is for cash and close within just a couple of weeks. Give us a call on 704-461-0576 or fill out the form below to get your fair cash offer!