A professional homebuyer closing a deal with sellers.

You are thinking of selling your home to a professional homebuyer, someone who will buy your house as-is for cash and close within a few weeks. But how do you know you can trust the person or company you choose?

Well, Bright Haven Properties is here to ease your worry by helping you identify the red flags to watch out for when deciding to sell your house to a professional homebuyer.

They Do Not Follow Through

If the professional buyer says they are going to call you tomorrow and they do not call, or they say they’re going to show up at a certain time and they don’t show up, that’s a scary indicator of things to come. A good professional buyer will do what they say they’re going to do, even with the little things.

They Have Positive Reviews

How do you know if a professional buyer’s business is real and trustworthy? Well, someone who is running an honest business has the intention is to make clients happy, hence, they should have some positive reviews if they have been professional and forthright in their dealings. A professional homebuyer with many negative reviews is a red flag. This is not to say that all good professional homebuyers have only positive reviews because, in this profession, it is nearly impossible to keep everyone happy, however, most reviews should lean towards the positive side for a professional homebuyer.

They Do Not Use a Title Company or Attorney

If a professional buyer is promising to close in less time than is even possible for title work to be done, say something like “We close in 48 hours” or they do their own title work in-house, ask to speak with some people who have worked with the company in the past to make sure they are not trying to pull a fast one. We do not recommend purchasing or selling via a Quit Claim Deed.

They Are Pressuring You To Sell NOW

A trustworthy professional homebuyer will never pressure you to sell your house right away. It should not make any difference to their business when you decide to sell, so be careful of buyers who say “This offer only stands for 24 hours!” or “I can only buy one house” or “I have other people waiting.” If you have any more questions about how you can sell your house as-is for cash and close within just a few weeks, give us a call on 704-461-0576. Bright Haven Properties will be happy to help you out.