Want To Sell Your Charlotte House But Not Sure It’s A Good Time Of Year?

Well, according to research by HomeLight, the best months to sell are March, April, and May — typically, this is when homes sell quickly for top dollar. So, you might want to note this down if you want to sell your Charlotte house at a good time.

But what if you need to sell during a different time of year?

Sometimes, it’s not possible to wait to sell until those high-ticket months roll around. Sometimes, it’s necessary to sell quickly, unexpectedly. 

Does that mean you just have to sell for less? Does it mean that your house is going to be on the market for 3+ months? 

Not necessarily. 

At Bright Haven Properties, we’ve worked with a lot of homeowners who needed to sell quickly during the “off-season”. We made them a fair cash offer, helped them close in as little as two weeks, and paid all closing costs. 

(Give us a call at 704-461-0576 to learn more about how we did it!)

So that’s definitely one solution — working with a professional homebuyer like ourselves rather than going the traditional route (we’d be happy to work with you!). 

But if you’re dead-set on going through the MLS and a real estate agent, here are a few recommendations.

Stage The Home 

Staged homes sell faster and for more money than un-staged homes. Definitely plan to do this if you’re selling during the “off season”. 

Get Professional Photos 

Professional photos help draw attention to a listing. If the selling agent isn’t already planning to do this, it’s worth pressing the issue, or considering making the investment, even if it’s an additional cost. 

Hold Open Houses 

Open houses are a great way to generate attention around your house. And the more open houses the agent holds, the faster the house will sell!

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