Dealing With Bad Contractors In Charlotte

Bad Contractors

Are contractors botching the work on your home in Charlotte and leaving you to regret employing their services? This might be another case of dealing with bad contractors.

Some contractors think that they can do poor quality work and get away with it. Unfortunately, they sometimes do get away with it if the homeowner fails to act fast.

When you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing you can do is fire the contractors before they wreak more havoc on your property. 

We at Bright Haven Properties have dealt with a number of bad contractors in our line of business as real estate investors. Our experiences have helped us put together some recommendations for navigating this difficult and unfortunate situation as a homeowner.

Check Your Contract

Most homeowners do not know it, but a lot of times there are contractual penalties for firing a contractor before the work is done or the bill is paid. That’s why it is extremely important to read your contract and understand the ramifications of cancelling the contract. Ideally, you’ll want to find some way that the contractor has broken their part of the agreement, which justifies you firing them without penalty.

Get Adequate Documentation

Before firing the contractor, you’ll want to document everything. Take pictures and videos before and after the work they have done. Record conversations if necessary and take note of all relevant information that will help you if it goes to court.

Consider Mediation

If things get ugly, you might consider hiring a mediation company to help you and the contractor come to an agreement outside of court. 

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