Corona Virus and the Housing Market

Were you planning to sell your house before the Corona Virus outbreak? Well, it’s no secret that the U.S. economy is currently grinding to a halt. And many experts are predicting that the housing market is going to take a dive here in the next month as well (which means less money for sellers).🙁 Of … Continued

Own a Bigger Property Than You Need?.

  Own a bigger property than you need? Struggling to keep up with the maintenance? Heck… you’re probably thinking of downsizing at this point…It certainly would be easier to keep a smaller home clean and tidy (not to mention the repairs). And what do you need such a big home for anyways? It’s turning out … Continued

Ran Out of Cash?

Were you planning to fix up your house just perfectly before selling? Everything was going to be just right and you were going to get top-dollar for the home…but then, maybe you ran out of cash or maybe you ran out of determination…whatever the case, you’re not going to be able to finish repairs on … Continued

Tired of Being A Landlord!.

Being a landlord isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be… It seemed like such a good idea at first — you’d own one additional property, manage tenants, and make some extra cash every month. Why not? But then it became EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find trustworthy tenants… repairs got out of hand… and let’s not even … Continued

Are You Going Through The Probate Process?

I know… it’s kind of a pain. So for your own peace of mind, here’s everything you need to know… Documentation Needs To Be In Order — The first thing you’ll need to have is the will. You’ll also need to provide documentation that proves the will is valid (notarization, for example). If there’s no valid … Continued