Can I Sell A House With Asbestos In Charlotte? Yes, Find Out How.

sell house with asbestos
A house with asbestos

Trying to get rid of asbestos in your house? Maybe you don’t even know if you have it because you have no idea what it is, well, in that case, let’s break it down;

What is asbestos and where can I find it in my home?

According to, asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring minerals composed of soft, flexible fibres that are heat-resistant.

Asbestos was predominantly used in making different-homebuilding materials before the 1980s. If you are living in or own a house a built before 1980, it’s likely the floor, wall plasters, roofs, cement sheets, insulation, ceiling and the wallboard have asbestos in them.

As building materials in older homes become weak and break down, asbestos exposure has become somewhat common. On its own, asbestos isn’t a problem. But once its particles become airborne it can be detrimental to your health, especially if you’re exposed to it for a long period. Asbestos is known to cause some cancers and other diseases. 

At Bright Haven Properties, we’ve helped homeowners out of all kinds of situations and here’s what we recommend if you think your house might have asbestos.

Test For Asbestos

The first thing to do with you suspect you have asbestos in your home is to test for asbestos. Asbestos testing is a sure way to confirm if indeed you have it at home or not. You can order a testing kit online or you can hire a professional to help with this.

Hire A Professional To Remove It 

Unless you’re a very competent handyman, safely removing asbestos from your house is something you probably need to hire someone else to do. Removing asbestos without the required safety precautions could result in exposing yourself to additional asbestos particles which can be dangerous to your health and that of those you live with. 

Replace Affected Materials

Once asbestos is found in your floor, wall plasters, ceiling or the wallboard, you will need to replace the affected material right away. Replacing materials can be a little bit costly but safeguarding your health and that of those close to you is vital.

If the cost of replacing exceeds your ability to pay, then you should consider selling your house and moving to a safer place. You are probably thinking even if I want to sell my house, is there anyone out there who would like to buy a house with asbestos? Yes, you can sell a home with asbestos. Check out the next option.

Sell Your House As-Is For Cash 

At Bright Haven Properties, we are professional homebuyers who can purchase your home as-is for cash, we can even close in as little as two weeks (learn how it works). Getting cash fast for your home will offer you the opportunity to quickly upgrade to a safe and healthier home. Give us a call on 704-461-0576 or fill out the form below to get your fair cash offer!

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